4 Effective Ways of Combating Parenting Stress

parenting stressParenting stress is one of the most common problems affecting parents today. Finding the best ways to deal with parenting stress is a good step towards healing.

There are various causes of parental stress and identifying the cause is the major in combating parenting stress. Today, I want to generally focus on the various ways that you can use to deal with parental stress.

The main reason why you should deal with the stress early is to reduce the chance of developing depression. Mothers, in particular, can easily develop parenting stress due to the enormous pressure of day to day parenting obligations.

Causes and Possible Solutions for Parenting Stress

There are many causes of parenting stress but I want to focus on the most common causes identified by counselors that affect most parents.

#1) Strained Marriage Relationship

The number one cause of parenting stress is the relationship between couples.  The bad relationship between spouses can have a devastating effect on children. One spouse can develop parenting stress, especially where the parenting roles are not shared between the two parents.

Solution – seeking professional help can be one of the most effective ways of dealing with a strained marriage relationship. You can also change the way you relate to your spouse and the little positive changes can have a lasting effect on your marriage and the overall impact on parenting.

#2) Financial Problems

Economic problems have been identified as the second most common cause of parenting stress. Children come with lots of demands and when a parent is not able to meet the financial obligations of the children and the family, it can lead to parenting stress.

Solution – it is important that both parents sit and agree on how to handle the financial problems of the family. It is also important that both parents agree on how to take care of debts. Attending financial management courses can also be a good measure for parents to help them manage their resources effectively and reduce the chances of developing parental stress.

#3) Health Problems

Parents can develop parenting stress from health-related problems. Identifying the underlying health problem that is causing parenting stress is a great step towards combating this problem.

Mothers can develop postpartum stress and it can have a serious effect on how they deal with their children. There are other health problems that can cause parenting stress.

Solution – if you think you are having an underlying problem that predisposes you to parental stress, it is good to visit your physician immediately.

#4) Children Related Parenting Stress

Children with bad behavior can be another cause of parenting stress and it is one of the most common causes of parenting stress for most parents. Difficult children can always predispose parents to stress and worse depression.

Solution – It is important to understand that children bad behavior can be corrected and they can change for the better.  This approach is important in seeking help for your parental stress that is caused by a child’s behavior. You can employ the various ways of disciplining the child with love and care to help change the behavior. It’s also important to embrace professional help for your child to change for good.


These are some of the most common causes of parenting stress and the ways of dealing with each of these problems.  It is also important for parenting to continually improve their parenting skills to help them cope with the difficulties of modern day parenting.  If you are looking for a surefire way of developing smart parenting style, I would recommend you take a few minutes to read this – Smart Parenting eBook.