Authoritative Vs Authoritarian Parenting Style

Parenting Style

What is your parenting style? There is a heated debate on which parenting style is best, with some parents voting for the authoritarian parenting styles and others considering the authoritative style to be the best. The two parenting styles are different but most people think that they are the same.

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between the two types of parenting styles and the advantages and disadvantages of each style of parenting.

Difference between Authoritarian and Authoritative Parenting

  • Authoritarian parents believe that children are strong-willed and self-indulgent thus they must be strict on them, authoritative parents on the other hand are strict but they are loving and consistent when it comes to disciplining their children.
  • Authoritative parents are issue-oriented and realistic while authoritarian parents are motivated by setting absolute standard for their children.
  • Authoritative parents listen to children’s opinions but they may not change their minds while authoritarian parents do not give their children the chance to give their opinion.
  • Authoritarian parents may use punishments to make the child feel sorry for their mistakes while authoritative parents use discipline to teach the child how to make better choices.

Authoritative Parenting

It is a parenting style whereby the parent uses positive discipline strategies to reinforce good behavior in the children. The parent invests time and energy into their children to avoid behavior problems before they begin. Authoritative parents allow children to air their opinions and feeling but they still make it clear that the adults are in charge.

Benefits of Authoritative Parenting

  • Children brought up with authoritative parenting style tend to be happier and successful
  • The children become good at making decisions and evaluating safety risks without the help of the parents.
  • Children of an authoritative parent are more likely to grow up to be responsible adults.
  • The children learn to express themselves and build their self-confidence.
  • Children learn to respect authority and rules.

Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is a parenting style whereby a parent sets rules for the child and does not give the child a chance to negotiate. Authoritarian parents are not interested in negotiating with the child since they expect the children to obey and follow the rules without asking any questions. Authoritarian parents do not allow their children to be involved in solving any problems.

Benefits of Authoritarian Parenting

  • The children grow up to obey the rules and respect authority.

Disadvantages of Authoritarian Parenting

  • Children brought up using this parenting style are likely to have self-esteem issues since their opinions aren’t valued.
  • The children are not good at making decisions and evaluating safety risks since they only know how to follow rules.


Authoritative parenting is considered to be the best type of parenting since children grow up respecting authority and rules but they are still able to make decisions and air their opinions. Whether you prefer authoritarian or authoritative parenting style; it is important for you to ensure that you raise a healthy and happy child that is able to make decisions and evaluate situations.